Fire Safe Cigarettes Save Lives

There are about seven hundred to 900 deaths per year within the U.S. Resulting from fires ignited with the aid of unattended cigarettes. New technology has given us a hearth secure cigarette; a manner to lessen their capability to burn whilst no longer being actively smoked. Cigarette producers at the moment are wrapping cigarettes with to three thin bands of much less porous paper that act as “speed bumps.” If a lit relx hk¬†cigarette is left unattended, it will self-extinguish when the burning reaches this type of bands. Fire safe cigarettes at the moment are mandatory in all of Canada, and inside the U.S. States of New York, Vermont, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oregon and California. Seventeen more American states will undertake the regulation in 2008 and 2009.

History of fireplace safe cigarettes

A 1929 house fireplace began by using a cigarette in Lowell, Massachusetts prompted a U.S. Congresswoman by the call of Edith Nourse Rogers to ask the National Bureau of Standards to develop a “self-snubbing”cigarette.
In overdue March of 1932, The Boston Herald covered a tale noting that a “self-snubbing”cigarette have been produced by means of the Bureau, and it urged cigarette producers to adopt the idea. However, no longer one cigarette company implemented the assignment.
In 1974,Senator Phil Hart brought a Bill to the U.S. Senate requiring “self-extinguishing”cigarettes. It changed into authorised via the Senate, but was then defeated by the tobacco lobby in the U.S. House of Representatives.
It changed into no longer until 1979, when five kids and their mother and father died tragically in a cigarette-ignited fire in Westwood, MA, that the problem of hearth safe cigarettes made some headway. Congressman Joe Moakley changed into precipitated to introduce a hearth safe cigarette Bill inside the U.S. House of Representatives.
In 1980, Moakley become joined by using Senator Alan Cranston after which Senator John Heinz in 1984 to present the Bill to the U.S. Senate.
Current efforts
After being added into the Senate in the mid-80’s, the hearth safe cigarettes Bill went through good sized trying out and studies methods overseen by way of the Technical Study Group (under President Reagan).

In 1990, President Bush signed Moakley’s Fire Safe Cigarette Act and funded every other three-12 months studies attempt to provide you with an powerful “test approach” that could set up hearth protection overall performance requirements for cigarettes.

In 1993, The Technical Advisory Group overseeing this system mentioned that the “test technique” have been developed. Moakley’s ultimate advent of the Fire Safe Cigarette Bill changed into in 1999. It required the organization of a cigarette hearth safety popular and would oblige the Consumer Product Safety Department to hire the standards inside 18 months. However, the Bill was stalled in Congress. Moakley died quickly thereafter and the reason became taken up by means of Senators Durbin and Brownback, and Congressmen Markey and King.

New York Adopts the Test Method

Victory in the end got here in 2000 when New York became the first nation to undertake the “take a look at approach” and the regulation went into impact within the yr 2004. Fire secure cigarette regulation is now being added in several other states and countries.

Does it paintings?

Fires began with the aid of unattended lit cigarettes are the number one purpose of hearth-associated deaths within the U.S.
In 2003, there have been approximately 2600 cigarette-related fires. In 2005, that quantity had decreased through 22%, a large drop.
A Harvard-led studies take a look at in 2005 determined that regular cigarettes will burn to the end ninety nine% of the time, even as fire secure cigarettes will burn to the end best 10% of the time.
They also found that there has been no massive taste difference among the two sorts, no vast distinction in toxicity levels, no increase in the cost of a p.C. Of cigarettes, and the share of cigarette income stayed the equal.

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