Eco-Friendly Countertops Gaining Popularity

The growing demand for environmentally friendly merchandise drives creativity in all industries. Home construction and transforming is simply no exception. In fact, some of the maximum innovative eco-friendly products available on the market these days are somehow related to the housing enterprise.

The extra apparent products are targeted on lowering strength intake. Insulation, sun heating and cooling, and improved customer behavior are all precious steps in power conservation. Aside from reducing energy intake, shopping new merchandise made from publish-customer materials is an first rate manner to move inexperienced.

Recycled substances have emerge as part of normal life; plastic bottles, newspapers and aluminum cans are all examples of recyclable materials used all the time. A high-quality deal of creativity has been invested in the invention of low protection, long lasting countertops made from post-purchaser substances.


For centuries, concrete has been a reliable building material used in each architectural software imaginable. It is not any surprise that a medium this flexible could ultimately be utilized in counter tops. Whereas granite and marble are non-renewable sources, and engineered substances like some quartz countertops require a resin or plastic binder, concrete countertops are a ways more sustainable considering that they’re basically just sand, rock, and cement. A dye is used to acquire a multitude of desired colorations, and then the floor is polished for a beautifully smooth finish.


Glass countertops are speedy gaining popularity and for proper cause. In most cases, an mixture such as recycled glass or different submit customer cloth is blended with a cement binder after which, after curing, diamond polished for a easy lustrous end. Some fabricators will even supply the aggregates inside the same community where the fabrication and installation will take place. The use of neighborhood, recycled substances makes this option very friendly to the surroundings.

Mixed Source

Other surfacing alternatives are being made from combinations of diverse recycled substances, consisting of business porcelain, ceramic, glass, and metals. These put up-patron substances may even be bound together by a herbal resin made from corn. The technique and substances used for those kinds of countertops are on the slicing fringe of sustainable production.

In addition to the countertops themselves, the products used to seal and easy countertops are getting greener. Solvent-based totally sealers are very effective in defensive countertops, however incorporate VOC pollution much like those located in a few paints. There are some water based totally alternatives finding their way to the market. The shelf-presence of those merchandise will likely be increasing. Locating an experienced countertop chicago countertop contractor is a first rate manner to discover additional statistics approximately eco-friendly counter tops.

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