Organic Blueberry Farming and Organizations and Methods Supporting Organic Farming


Organic or naturally grown farming is sustainable farming that builds the soil up unlike chemical based farming which depletes the soil and is unsustainable. There are many businesses globally that certify produce as being produced in one of these manner that it does now not do harm to the environment and that strives to preserve or enhance soil fertility, soil make-up, and farm sustainability. There are numerous corporations and methods that guide this kind of farming. The foremost techniques and groups inside the United States include Certified Organic, Certified Naturally Grown, Naturally Grown, and Conventional farming the use of many organically grown practices and organizations on the nation level together with Organic hydroponic greens Association of Kentucky. Blueberries are particularly properly appropriate for developing organically because they have got few natural enemies.

Organic or Certified Organic

Organic certification is a procedure of certification for manufacturers of meals classified natural and different organic agricultural merchandise. Organic is a felony time period used by the authorities to certify crops are organically grown. The term “organic” without a doubt means. It’s miles “Certified Organic,” in line with the US Department of Agriculture. In the US, natural manufacturing is a gadget that is managed according with the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) of 1990 and regulations in Title 7, Part 205 of the Code of Federal Regulations, “natural meals” is meals made in a way that complies with those natural standards. This entails expense and enormous file preserving which for many small farmers is too high priced and involved to be practical although they use natural strategies to grow their crops. You can not market a product categorized as organic unless you have organic certification in accordance with USDA’s National Organic Program.

Certified Naturally Grown (CNG)

CNG is a grassroots certification application usual specifically for small farmers. The Certified Naturally Grown community is a farmer-to-farmer certification non-earnings method that offers farmers with a less-high priced opportunity to the USDA natural certification. CNG’s certification standardization manner is based on USDA’s National Organic Program but with some distinction, which include better farm animals residing situations and more clear get right of entry to to pasture requirements. Certified Naturally Grown is a self-regulating program no longer advocated by using or in any way associated with USDA’s National Organic Program.

Certified Naturally Grown, a non-income opportunity certification software tailored for small-scale, direct-marketplace farmers the use of natural techniques.

Many farmers from nearly all states are contributors of and use the Certified Naturally Grown label.

Certified Naturally Grown was created to offer some other manner to guarantee clients that strict developing practices have been located. CNG works to assist the organic movement with the aid of putting off financial boundaries to certification which are willing to maintain out smaller direct advertising farms, even as maintaining high standards for natural grown production techniques.

CNG’s Certification is primarily based at the pinnacle concepts and requirements of natural farming. CNG’s program requirements are practical and moderately priced, and plenty of farmers find the farmer-to-farmer inspection system itself a helpful getting to know enjoy as it includes others worried to your area with whom you may change statistics and offer the check out as opposed to the usage of authorities inspectors.

Naturally Grown

Some farms select now not to apply for an organic certification or Certified Naturally Grown, however do pursue natural practices in growing their produce. These farmers produce food grown using natural methods however are not allowed to use the term organically grown when advertising their merchandise. In some instances the regulations for growing some products might also appear too restrictive in the view of some growers. For instance one of the restrictions of being either certified natural or licensed herbal grown is that no chemical that is manufactured regardless of whether or not it is toxic or secure may be used. This is normally a very good coverage but can, in a few cases, appear to be over restrictive in sensible day-to-day utility. For example Ammonium sulfate is clearly available within the form of a mineral referred to as mascagnite located in volcanic fumaroles. But due to the fact it’s far usually manufactured it isn’t accredited to be used because it falls in the category of being a manufactured product.

Ammonium sulfate in and of itself is dependable and may deliver plenty-wished nitrogen for plant growth and inside the case of blueberry vegetation the use of it also enables preserve a low pH in the soil. Ammonium sulfate is indexed as an factor for plenty United States vaccines. Ammonium sulfate is also a meals additive. Never the much less it falls inside the category of a manufactured product it cannot be used in case you are certified natural..


Organic certification and Certified Naturally Grown requirements are very stringent, and it often takes years for a farm to get them, because all the pesticide and chemical residue from the soil is slowly damaged down and leached away. Farms categorised as “Transitional” are farms on their way to receiving their certification, however that have not made it yet.


Conventional farming does now not routinely must be as harsh on the surroundings as big-scale chemical agriculture. There are a variety of small farms around the world that use chemicals in moderation whilst needed and that otherwise follows correct guiding principle within the care of their environments.


Biodynamic farming is a technique based totally on the paintings and lectures of Austrian logician Rudolf Steiner in 1924. It is a technique of agriculture searching for to actively paintings with the wholesome forces of nature. In addition to herbal grown natural practices including composting and crop rotation, biodynamic farmers rely upon particular plant, animal and mineral measures. It is the oldest technique of non-chemical agricultural and predates the organic agriculture interest businesses by way of a few two decades and now extends all around the international.

Grass-Fed / Pasture-raised

The weight loss program of pasture-raised animals consists of freshly grazed rather than being held in confinement and fed chiefly grains. During the growing season they graze on pasture and within the winter months on stored grasses (hay or grass silage) or in drought situations they can also be feed saved hay or grass silage. Grass feeding hen and cattle is the conventional approach of elevating farm cattle, sheep, goats and unfastened variety chickens, is an ecologically sustainable, humanitarian, practice. It produces nutritious eggs, meat, and dairy.

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