Laser Hair Removal Treatment For Ingrown Hair

Introduced approximately 2 decades back, laser hair elimination treatment is now extensively common by means of dermatologists as a secure and effective method of removing undesirable hair from small and huge regions of the body. Laser remedy is also approved through the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Today, laser remedy is being preferred over other methods of hair removal because of its pace and efficacy. To get powerful consequences and to ensure protection, you ought to get the laser remedy conduced via a professional and experienced expert. Laser treatment is fairly popular for elimination of unwanted frame hair from the face, underarms, legs, pubic region, lower back, chest, abdomen and shoulders.

How does laser remedy work?

In laser hair elimination remedy, an intense, pulsating beam of centered laser light power is passed through the pores and skin concentrated on dark pigment, referred to as melanin, in hair. The intense warmth of laser mild burns the hair follicle inflicting everlasting harm and thereby prevents the increase of recent hair. Laser does no longer heat or damage the encircling skin.

Laser therapy is not a permanent technique of hair removal as many humans claim it to be. However, it does preserve unwanted frame at bay for numerous months and even years altogether.

Comparison with electrolysis

Electrolysis is some other famous approach of hair elimination that has been round for greater than a century. Discussed below are differences among laser therapy and electrolysis remedy.

-Method of remedy – Electrolysis is an invasive method in which a needle penetrates deep via the skin within the hair follicle while laser is a non-invasive technique. In this approach, handiest light energy is used for hair removal

-Time taken – Electrolysis consumes greater time than laser remedy because it treats single hair follicle at a time. Laser alternatively, goals dozens of follicles simultaneously and as a result takes much less time. Small strategies might also only require a unmarried consultation

-Re-remedy – Since electrolysis destroys a follicle completely, a dealt with hair follicle isn’t to be handled again. In case of laser, if a follicle dealt with with laser light begins to grow hair in due path, you can have to treat the equal follicle once more

-Effectiveness – The FDA presently permits the time period “Permanent 激光脫毛價錢 Hair Removal” for electrolysis. It is powerful on all hair colors not like laser. On the alternative hand studies prove that laser hair elimination is quicker, much less painful and more reliable hair elimination remedy than electrolysis however is effective for just a few hair colorations.

Parameters that have an effect on the result of laser remedy

Since mild is absorbed better with the aid of darkish items, laser remedy works high-quality with darkish coarse hair. Light pores and skin and dark hair are an excellent aggregate, but new laser machines are now capable of goal dark black hair even in patients with dark pores and skin. Besides, the talent and experience of the professional matters loads inside the case of laser remedy.

Number of classes required for laser hair removal

To attain powerful results, more than one classes of laser hair elimination can be required. The number of periods depend on various factors inclusive of area of the frame dealt with, skin color, coarseness of hair and gender. Besides, hair grows in numerous phases and laser remedy is best powerful in the increase segment. Several sessions are had to remove all hair in phases of increase. Normally five-7 periods may be required to make an area absolutely hair-loose but the range of classes may increase to as many as 12 periods of hair remedy.

Intervals among sessions

According to contemporary parameters, interval between classes of laser treatment may be spaced 4-6 weeks aside for maximum areas. However, durations among remedies have not been standardized and depend upon man or woman response to treatment. For stubborn regions including the underarms, chest and again several sessions may be required at 6-week durations. It is suggested that one must wait until dealt with hairs have been shed and enough hairs have are available in after the hair-free period to have every other treatment.

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