Face Painting Techniques – Ideas on How to Paint the Princess Crown Design

Is your daughter’s birthday drawing near and you’re inside the midst of a party making plans? If you are nevertheless scratching your head for celebration thoughts, face painting is a good interest to move for. It has emerge as more pronounced in recent years as greater parents round the sector are maintaining extra birthday events for their kids.

If you do now not intend to lease a face painter in your daughter’s party, you could learn how to paint Princess Crown on her face to make her without a doubt stand out. Simply comply with the stairs I provided below and  Diamond paintingmore than one practices you (and your daughter) should be ready for her massive day!

Here are a few techniques on how to paint a Princess Crown.

Face Painting Tools needed:

• Water primarily based face paint this is FDA approved. Snazaroo is a superb desire

• One first-class brush
• One medium brush
• One huge brush
• One bowl of water
• One form makeup sponge
• Face Glitter

Step 1: Paint The Crown

Select the medium brush and the white paint. With it, paint a 3-pointed crown on the brow and fill it with white. This acts as the base coat. Then choose a silver or a gold shade (for more majestic appearance) and fill the entire crown with it. Of course, in case you select different colorings like crimson or purple, cross in advance and use it. Add a few circles on the pointers of the three pointed ends to present it some extra “glory”. Paint the circles with white or a few other lighter colours. You can also then define the entire crown with a black paint to provide it some accessory.

Step 2: Add A Diamond

Choose a contrasting coloration like crimson, and paint a jewel or a diamond inside the center of the crown. The diamond or jewel may be of any form, however it is probably pleasant to keep it easy so long as you make it stands proud.

Step three: More Details

Add some white or silver on the jewel or diamond to present it a few shine. Put some glitter on top of it to make it sparkle. Using a white paint, you could create some swirls from both ends of the crowns (close to the temples) down the cheeks.

To make the princess extra stunning, placed on a nice lipstick to your difficulty. I could take one step further to paint her eye lashes and upload a few glitter on them.

There you move, a pleasing princess crown sitting on a beautiful face!

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