Belize’s Great Blue Hole is it Really Worth Scuba Diving

This is a question this is again and again requested on the numerous dive message boards across the net and the solutions it receives is occasionally deceptive relying on the revel in of the diver whom solutions.

This article is written to provide an impartial real facts supply primarily based on the reaction of masses of divers that I actually have had the possibility to talk to after diving the Blue Hole.

Since I became a dive operator in Belize for decades and love the country, there might be a few readers that say, of path I will sell the Blue Hole in a fantastic way but the real reality is I in my view think for ninety% of divers it’s a terrific enjoy a super dive and a top notch addition to diving accident attorney Hawaii Belize.

The Great Blue Hole of Belize is 1000ft across and 460ft deep and forms an nearly ideal circle. It has been a favorite fishing ground for Belizean fishermen for hundreds of years and in 1970 it became added to the general public by using Jacque Cousteau whom on his boat the Calypso charted the Blue Hole for the first time and highlighted its wonders in a TV documentary.

The Belize Blue Hole is unique in lots of approaches, one being that it’s far the most effective Blue Hole inside the international that can be seen with the bare eye from outer area.

It is a reality that hundreds of years ago the Blue Hole turned into a cave that become above sea degree, the motive we understand that is due to the fact Stalagtites and stalamites cannot shape underwater, and might handiest grow with the steady drip drip that may be seen occurring to the stalagtites in many above ground caves structures today.

When you recall that it takes greater than a hundred years for a Stalagtite to grow simply one inch, its a spectacular sight to see a 40ft stalagtite that has taken literally thousands of years to reach that length.

The Stalagtites may be discovered in the Blue Hole starting at 100ft, putting suspended from the ceiling a few more than 40ft lengthy.

The Blue Hole and the encompassing place has been detailed a World Heritage site because of is specialty and is some other one in every of Belize’s many protected areas. (did you know that almost one 0.33 of the country of Belize is distinctive as blanketed reserves)

Many people don’t comprehend it however there are handiest 2 diveable spots inside the Blue Hole, The north aspect that’s the more famous side for the larger boats, due to fairly easy access to that facet, after which their is the south facet which normally simplest the smaller boats can access because of wind direction and the truth that it needs to be dove from inside the circumference of the hole itself.

Each has best approximately 300ft or so of Stalagtites placing down after this is just a flat wall of essentially nothing. On the North dive-web page you simplest have Stalagtites (those that dangle down) with not anything but the abyss underneath you, on the South side it has each Stalagtites and Stalagmites which can be observed at around 145ft wherein there may be a small ledge that has some Stalagmites, this is the facet you’re more likely to encounter the resident Shark populace.

In many message board posts you may study that a few divers see masses of sharks even as different divers see none and there is a simple reason behind this.

I dove the Blue Hole for more than 12 years and even as today the Blue Hole has a big populace of Caribbean Reef Sharks it will depend on how you dive the Blue hole and whom you dive it with whether you’ll see the resident sharks or not.

Many years in the past before this big populace became a close to daily occurrence, we did occasionally see sharks in the Blue Hole but always on the South facet, and nearly NEVER whilst we dove the North side which turned into ninety nine% of the time, because as mentioned the dimensions of the boat we were the use of simplest allowed us to dive the south side whilst winds had been favorable..

So why perform a little divers see sharks and different do not ? Heres the news

Nearly all the boats that dive the Blue Hole from San Pedro see the sharks on many events, and the cause for this is that they get to the Blue Hole FIRST earlier than the Aggressors and other big boats, inns and many others which might be placed within the place. (make a mental be aware right here that usually its the very skilled divers that typically e-book the liveaboards and live on the far flung Atoll resorts because this is in which the exceptional diving in Belize can generally be found)

Being the first to dive the Blue Hole provides them higher visibility because the first institution to dive the Blue Hole receives the best vis, the purpose for that is, as you descend it reasons the silt to dislodge as the bubbles upward push and releases the silt inflicting visibility to come to be reduced. (nowadays due to the large variety of boats and divers visibility is nearly continually pretty terrible in comparison to the alternative top notch dives at Lighthouse Reef)

When you recall that San Pedro sends many boats a day to the Blue Hole you could recognize why those that dive it later within the morning beneath the pretext (Lets wait until the san pedro boats depart so its less busy) dive a website that has had probably 50 divers via it already before they get the hazard to dive it.

This puts them at a awesome drawback as to the fine of the dive mainly within the region of visibility seeing that 40-50 divers and there bubbles will lessen visibility with the aid of as much as 50% in a few instances, further there are the Sharks.

The Sharks will sometimes comply with you in the course of the dive however are mainly applied at the give up of the dive seeing that you’ve got an extended safety prevent of 10 mins or so and even as ready out that time on the sandy ledge positioned at 15ft you are buzzed and entertained by using as much as 30 Caribbean Reef Sharks.(Not Guaranteed)

The sharks are caused to return to the floor with the aid of baiting the water with sardines this will carry them to the floor from the depths of the Blue Hole and give the diver the possibility to view those incredible creatures at some stage in the safety stop.

The liveaboards do now not bait the water nor the neighborhood lodges and if this is not done the likelihood of seeing any sharks is reduced by using ninety% so that you can definitely see that maximum divers that dive the Blue Hole from a liveabord or an Atoll inn will have a miles inferior dive due to those motives.

Baiting is not allowed however some operators still do it to attempt to get the sharks up from the depths

In addition it’s far generally the very experienced divers which might be typically the ones which can be on the liveaboards due to the fact this normally presents them the fine diving opportunities in Belize and this is truly accurate with the EXCEPTION of the Blue Hole dive based on how they’re currently running that dive.

Over the years a repeated question is posted at the diverse diver message boards Is the Blue Hole Worth diving ? And you will see the equal answers time and time once more from don’t bother its a waste of time to its a incredible dive properly really worth it and everything in among.

Why is there the sort of enormous distinction in peoples opinions, my answer is that most regulars on message boards, that is people who put up as a minimum once per week etc are commonly very active divers and feature lots of enjoy and have had the opportunity to dive multiple places round the world and supply there recommendation freely to others.

This but can do an injustice to a reasonably new diver that happens upon a message board and asks the query is the Blue Hole well worth diving ??

Most of the solutions I actually have seen on message boards are negative when asking this query, specially I believe because its a very experienced diver that maybe has 1000’s of dives beneath his belt and when he dove the Blue Hole it changed into probably from a liveaboard after a group of other divers had dove it and due to his worldly revel in he was much less than inspired with the Blue Hole, so he makes his revel in heard to this fairly new diver that has only dove cozumel given that certification and has 20 dives beneath his belt, he of path thinks this expert diver is aware of exactly what he’s speaking about so decided NOT to dive the Blue Hole because of what he has been informed.

When this fairly new diver receives to Belize and is requested do you need to dive the Blue Hole I get hold of the answer OHH no I even have heard its now not that properly i then I ask who advised you that, and I acquire an answer of I examine it on a message board, or my buddy came to Belize and he advised me, so I ask did he dive the Blue Hole at the same time as he changed into here then ?? And I receive a solution Oh no however he had heard it was not worth it both so did now not dive it whilst he become in Belize. I hear this time after time after time.

I then give an explanation for the Blue Hole ride and with any luck I had some guests inhouse which have just come returned after which I do not have to mention a component they’ll promote them a journey for me however if I do not have divers inhouse then I will tell them approximately the ride and inspire them to head and I commonly add that if they don’t suppose it turned into really worth it I will refund there money, useless to say to this date I have in no way refunded anyones money normally they’re extremely appreciative that I talked them into it and allow them to make there own thoughts up and I am happy to interrupt the cycle of the OH No I heard it was not really worth it mode.

Why do I do this if I made more money keeping them inhouse? The reason is that I am the primary to say that Belize has many special areas to dive and each particular in what it has to provide, based on what a specific diver is seeking out in a holiday (that’s every other Belize article to follow soon) I want the visiting diver to head lower back with a superb impact of diving Belize and anything I can do to boom there entertainment of diving Belize then I will do that. The Blue Hole is a unique dive that if dove successfully may be an remarkable addition to any divers logbook it will likely be less staggering to those divers with hundreds of dives below there belt but the different ninety five% of divers will virtually revel in the dive and view it as a positive DIFFERENT exciting dive.

So next time you spot a question posted on a message board asking approximately the Blue Hole be sensitive to the experince of the diver asking when you solution it. Divers whom had been fortunate sufficient to journey all around the world with heaps of dives underneath there belt will find it less of a thrill but the average diver will enjoy diving the Lighthouse Reef and The Great Blue Hole of Belize the possibility of sharks the eerie feeling and sheer distinction,it’ll be a memorable diving enjoy for them, deliver them the threat to make there own judgments.

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