An Astrological Look at John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston

Since John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston are one of the most up to date couples currently in Hollywood, I notion it’d be thrilling to test what planetary factors contributed to their destroy-up and then their subsequent decision to provide their dating some other hazard.

First of all, I should say that notwithstanding my initial cynical thoughts approximately them as a couple, they without a doubt do have a lot of advantageous planetary configurations together. Their astrology charts integrate to form some of the classic compatibility factors that indicate a totally strong knowledge of each other. On the other hand, they also have a few very tough configurations that are more traumatic for them than the majority due to their high public profiles.

Let’s start off with the aid of looking for Storyteller

In a compatibility chart, we need to start off via searching at how they relate to each other mentally, physically (enchantment sensible), and emotionally. We start off by using searching at the most apparent feature of the astrology chart that is the solar signal of every body.

He has his sun in Libra and hers is in Aquarius. They are both Air Signs which might be each at 23 stages. This offers them an actual (perfect) trine which may be very harmonious. This indicates that each of them are thinkers, talkers, and very cerebral. They have a mutual love of the exchange of thoughts and ideals.
This is an tremendous indicator of compatibility at the maximum primary stage. No be counted what happens among them, they have to usually be able to effectively communicate their thoughts and emotions to each other efficiently. Why? The purpose is that they are each herbal communicators.

Next up, we want to study the Sun and Moon combinations. This will show us if the outward persona (solar) is in synch with the emotional nature (moon) of the opposite man or woman. As simply noted, John Mayer has his sun in Libra at 23 ranges. Jennifer Aniston has her moon in Sagittarius at 23 ranges. Once again, this gives us an actual thing besides this time it’s far a sextile. A sextile is a positive issue this is usually concept to be a bit weaker than the trine. While this could be genuine to some measure, a sextile produces a feeling of exhilaration, interest, and fascination with every different.

This element makes them always excited and enthusiastic to be with each different. Since Libra is an Air sign and Sagittarius is a Fire sign they may be quite certainly well matched because his ideas are a source of suggestion and pleasure to her. Likewise, her ample herbal optimism offers him a robust feel of encouragement. The dynamic created here is that of a stable friendship where each people are capable of without difficulty relate to the emotions and desires of the other.

Interestingly enough, this sextile thing simply defined is doubly bolstered due to that fact that Jennifer’s Sun in Aquarius makes a sextile to his Moon in Aquarius. This sextile is not nearly as sturdy because the preceding one; however the strength continues to be there in movement for each human beings to feel. The simple vibe of this courting up to now is one of a very robust “you could constantly assume me” friendship great to it.

Next up, we need to study the moon placement for each person. Jennifer has her moon in Sagittarius at 23 degrees and John has his at 14 ranges also in Sagittarius. This produces a conjunction among their moons. This is extraordinarily significant. This means that on an emotional stage they both have a longing for freedom, exploration, adventure, and good old skool amusing. They each need heavy doses of these things to experience the most alive and in a phrase-happy.

Now, allow’s pass on to Venus and Mars and notice how these planets come into play. Venus and Mars create the dynamic bodily appeal that is so important in a success relationships. The Venus of one person needs to be in element to the Mars of the other and preferably in a harmonious issue like a conjunction, trine, or sextile. In this relationship, Jennifer has her Mars in Scorpio and John has his Venus in Virgo. This creates another sextile; however in this example the sextile is extremely vulnerable. This means that there may be a precise physical appeal between them, but there is some type of adaptability taking place.

What I’m pronouncing is if this component was a trine, the feeling upon first assembly might be “Wow, who IS this and why have not we met sooner”! Whereas a sextile feeling might be one in which one character could locate the other attractive and feel cozy round the other person, but it wouldn’t have the identical knock your socks off form of feeling that a trine has.

When the query of relationship durability comes into awareness we see a effective trine between John’s Saturn in Aries and Jennifer’s Moon in Sagittarius. This is a strong factor giving the connection a sturdiness that offers everybody the feeling that the opposite will usually be there for them.

Lastly, we’ve one of the most big elements with John’s Mercury and Sun in Libra conjunct Jennifer’s rising signal (ascendant) in Libra. This is especially noteworthy because it shows that John and Jennifer honestly perceive with each other. They have a tendency to have viewpoints, wondering techniques, evaluations, and instincts that blend perfectly with each other.

O.Ok., now let’s have a look at a number of the greater difficult factors to balance out this image.

First of all, John’s moon is rectangular Jennifer’s Pluto. Interestingly enough, the reverse is also proper; John’s Pluto is rectangular Jennifer’s Moon. So what we see right here is that this thing is doubly strengthened. This is a honestly severe thing that makes everybody magnetically interested in the other on an emotional and sexual level. The passion felt right here is purple warm and in no way dull, but this issue also offers every person a feeling of emotional vulnerability. There is a certain rawness to the nerves right here in which feelings of competitiveness and possessiveness are skilled. Some of the darker feelings will experience a bit irrational to everybody, but the most important objective here is an emotional transformation for absolutely everyone. There mutual energies are forcing these two to both descend into jealous and petty bickering, preventing just for the sake in their egos OR they are able to pick out to upward push above the need to feed their egos and instead awareness on a healthy and loving form of communication.

Even even though those do recognize each different, they also appear to take every other without any consideration and/or may be self-indulgent with one’s needs over those of the other. This is symbolized by means of Jennifer’s Moon in Sagittarius square John’s Venus in Virgo. This aspect’s important reason is for all of us to study the artwork of compromise, negotiation, and cooperation.

Alright, I actually have saved worst aspect for closing here to talk about. Jennifer’s Saturn in Aries is rectangular John’s Mar’s in Cancer. This can be an incredibly irritating component that usually means that they generally tend to strongly disagree on certain important problems going on of their lives. This will generally result in one person looking to jump into movement at the same time as the alternative character could a whole lot alternatively take a far more careful method. This can depart one man or woman feeling severely confined and angry and the opposite feeling like he/she became being pushed into doing something they did not need to do and feeling quite irritated approximately it. As a side-be aware they will additionally enjoy some worrying sexual frustrations due to both their timing being off or there is probably criticism of the approach or approach of 1 character.

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